Amazon Tube is also a platform for sharing videos, photos and creativity like Youtube.

Let’s know the complete story of Amazon Tube.Here we go.

As we know Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce company in the world.And now it is going to start own video sharing platform

In September 2017 Google blocked youtube live streaming services of Amazon Fire TV and Amazon echo show.

And on the same day Amazon filed two trademark requests with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the names Amazontube and Open tube.

On the same day 3 domains are registered, namely

These 3 domains are registered under Amazon Company in trademark office but yet it was not announced officially that on which name it will be launched.

And it was confirmed that within three to six months you will be able to access Amazon tube or open tube

Coming to the Monetization, The company didn’t publish any particular information about it.

However, it will be definitely a good platform for us to get entertainment…

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