Free Avast Cleanup Activation Code 2018 – Valid upto 7 years

Avast has released a brand new version of Avast Cleanup Premium 2018. Avast cleanup is a tool for computers and Android smartphone users that enhance the speed of their devices. It is a tool which helps in Fixing problems and clean up system junk files, trash, unwanted background apps, and data.

Avast Cleanup comes with Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Premier or Internet Security. Otherwise, you can download Avast Cleanup separately without using Avast antivirus.

Basically, the avast cleanup activation code is not for free. The 1-year avast cleanup license price $49.99 or you can also download a free trial version which only scans your computer, but doesn’t fix all issues without the avast cleanup activation code. So I will give you avast cleanup activation key to optimize and speed-up your computer.

Avast Cleanup Activation Code & Features

Here I am sharing with you avast cleanup license key that you can download from here

  • Fix Problems
  • Removing Junk Programs
  • Speed up
  • Free Up Space

How to Activate Avast Cleanup Activation Code

  • To activate the Avast Cleanup Activation Code. First, download and install Avast cleanup software on your PC. I have Avast Premier on my PC so it will show you like this. If you don’t have Avast Premier or Free version then you need to Download Avast Cleanup setup file.

avast cleanup activation key

avast cleanup premium

  • The installation process will take up to 5 to 10 minutes.

avast cleanup review

  • After installation of avast cleanup premium, go to Settings –> Subscription. Here enter the avast cleanup activation code or avast cleanup activation key.

avast cleanup activation code

  •  Viola!!… Now you can see the Validity up to 7 Years (2700+ days).


If you have any issues feel free to comment down below and share with your friends and relatives this avast cleanup activation code (avast cleanup activation key).

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